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2015: The year in review

Hello everyone!

Starting next week we take our annual ‘Christmas holidays’. It is a time when everybody on the team kick back, visit their families and celebrate Christmas and newyears.

We have had a busy year with many highlights! Let’s do a quick recap and walk down memory lane before we move on to 2016:
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Shadow Puppeteer Indie Prize Europe

February update

New and fun updates on Shadow Puppeteer today: We attended Casual Connect in
Amsterdam together with other great Norwegian developers such as Krillbite and
Tinimations. Here we ended up winning the award for “Directors Choice” at the
Indie Prize Europe – awards.

In Other news, Shadow Puppeteer is now being translated to Portuguese, thanks to our
excellent programmer.

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Shadow Puppeteer cake Hamar Game Collective

Release / Gigacon / The Future

Hi everyone,

We finally released Shadow Puppeteer three weeks ago! It’s currently available through Steam, Humble Store and Glyph. Things have been incredibly hectic, which is why we haven’t been able to keep our usual blog schedule.

Today we want to share with you a little about the release process (what it was actually like), what has happened since, what we’re doing now, and about Gigacon.

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Shadow Puppeteer controlls illustration single player

The Development of the Single Player controls

When the concept for “Shadow Puppeteer” was developed in the spring of 2010, we were already planning to have both co-op and single player. Because of great feedback from other developers, warning us not to spread the concept too thin, we decided to focus mainly on the co-op experience. Since Shadow Puppeteer was intended as a co-op game, that should be our main priority and we should make sure, first and foremost, to make that a great experience.

As we attended gaming conferences like Gamescom, NGC and GDC, showing off the game, people kept asking: «So, the game will have a single player mode too, right?».

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