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shadow puppeteer holiday sale

Shadow Puppeteer Holiday Sale 2016

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re hanging up our holiday decorations, and putting Shadow Puppeteer on sale! Below are the stores where the sale applies.

what to do on thanksgiving

What to do on Thanksgiving?

It’s that time of the year again. Going home to see your family. Or, if you’re the host, getting ready to have a lot more people around than usual! Thanksgiving is the time when we celebrate the things we’re grateful for, and thank those who make our lives infinitely better. But maybe we’re at a loss, asking ourselves what to do on Thanksgiving.
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shadow puppeteer halloween sale

Halloween Sale 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re dressing up in our spookiest costumes, and putting Shadow Puppeteer on sale at 50% off! Below are the stores where the sale applies. Stay tuned as this list will be updated!


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Feel the love: Shadow Puppeteer 10% off for Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, as well as the love two people feel for one another when playing shared-screen co-op, we’re putting Shadow Puppeteer on Sale. From now through Monday, Shadow Puppeteer will be 10% off on the Nintendo eShop, Steam, Humble and Green Man Gaming. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy co-oping.