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Shadow Puppeteer Boy versus Conan

Gameplay elements: «Darlings» that have come and gone – Part 2


This week we continue last week’s post about elements in Shadow Puppeteer that have
been added or removed throughout production.

The game has not always been as it is now. Many gameplay elements have been tried and
tested, some found too light and others kept and refined.

We want to share with you the gameplay elements and levels that we explored and
scrapped, and those that came in late and were kept. We find it fun to look back on our
choices, and we hope this trip down memory lane will be interesting and educational.

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Shadow Puppeteer trashbin Boy and Shadow

Gameplay elements: «Darlings» that have come and gone – Part 1

We have come a long way.

Shadow Puppeteer is an asymmetric co-op game where you play as a boy and his shadow.
The boy exists in the physical 3D world where he can run, jump, climb ladders and interact
with selected objects (marked by a cogwheel). The Shadow exists in the worlds 2D space,
where he is controlled in two axes. For him every shadow is physical. He can run, jump and
interact with the shadow of the same objects as the Boy. For the shadow, though, gravity is
ever changing depending on the light source he is in.

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Shadow Puppeteer controlls illustration single player

The Development of the Single Player controls

When the concept for “Shadow Puppeteer” was developed in the spring of 2010, we were already planning to have both co-op and single player. Because of great feedback from other developers, warning us not to spread the concept too thin, we decided to focus mainly on the co-op experience. Since Shadow Puppeteer was intended as a co-op game, that should be our main priority and we should make sure, first and foremost, to make that a great experience.

As we attended gaming conferences like Gamescom, NGC and GDC, showing off the game, people kept asking: «So, the game will have a single player mode too, right?».

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Favourite Game: Star Wars : Republic Commando

Favourite Game: Star Wars : Republic Commando

This week we continue our series of posts where each member of the team write about one of their favourite games. Today’s post is by Øyvind.

The game I chose to write about is Star Wars : Republic Commando, one of my favorite games which I’ve probably replayed the most. It is centered around Delta Squad, one of the clone commando groups bred from DNA of Jango Fett , the famous bounty hunter.

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