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Friday fun games, Journey, Super Mario Allstars, Uncharted, Wolf Among Us

Friday Fun

Today we want to tell you about another one of our traditions, Friday Fun.

Every week we end our Fridays at 4pm unwinding with drinks, snacks and a game or movie. It can be a game we remember from our childhoold, it can be a game we want to examine closer to learn, or it can be a fun game we just want to enjoy!

The tradition started over a year ago. We were working a lot of overtime then with near impossible deadlines, and desperately needed some way to unwind.

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Shadow Puppeteer checkpoint kite soaring high in the sky

Game Design: Adding Checkpoints

Today’s blogpost is by Stian. And the result is what happens when you ask a designer to write a blogpost.

Ooh. Great… When the conversation topic at the morning meeting is the Blog, and you mention, as a joke mind you, that it could be about checkpoints for some reason: Keep quiet. That is my advice to you, unless you happen to want to write a blog post about checkpoints.

Which strangely enough I do. No regrets! Here we go:

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