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In loving memory of Jory Prum

About a month ago we wrote that our beloved sound guy, Jory Prum had been hurt in a terrible motorcycle accident.

After a month in the hospital, Jory sadly passed away on Saturday.  In addition to having worked on Shadow Puppeteer he was a great friend to many of our team members, and our grief is hard to bear as we struggle to understand what has happened.

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James Portnow visiting the Hamar Game Collective

New exciting developments for Shadow Puppeteer

See how you can be a part of the things to come

29th of september we released our first title, Shadow Puppeteer, for Steam, Humble Store and Glyph. It was a great milestone for our company and for our team.
When you start developing a game you see the release date as a finish line. But in todays digital distribution age, at release your work has only begun.

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