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The Team

We’ve told you a bit about the game and the story behind it, but today we’re doing a short introduction of the members of the team who are working on it today.

Catharina – You can’t talk about the development of Shadow Puppeteer and not talk about our CEO. She was a part of the group who came up with the concept, and have since been the captain, first mate and lookout on the good ship Shadow Puppeteer. She dreams of mastering the power of telepathy to help explain her ideas. Twitter: @CathInShadow

SP_TeamShadow Puppeteer Team. Front row, from the left: Klas, Ørjan (framed), Marianne, Anna Lena, Philip. Back row: Karianne, Catharina, Nuno, Øyvind

Marianne worked at Sarepta for a year without a proper job title, so she was finally made Project Manager. She is the local grammar nazi and avid 3DS Street Pass fan. Caregiver and cake maker that sets our course and makes sure we all get there in one piece. Twitter: @Vaffeldamen

Philip  put his personal touch on the visual style of Shadow Puppeteer through his 2D animations and was later made Art Director. He hails from the mysterious north of Norway which has heavily influenced the bleak visual style for Shadow Puppeteer.

Klas is our go-to guy and level designer who looks like a pirate and wishes he lived in the 70’s. There is no challenge too great not to be undertaken by Klas. Urban legens says that his secret power lies in his mustache. Twitter: @KissKlas

Nuno is our international alibi and has contributed to the increased Englsh speaking skills in the team. He has an extensive and impressive collection of game consoles. Claims he is a simple programmer who enjoys games, films and music, but he’s not fooling anyone. His résumé fascinated the team with exotic hobbies like «fishing with a spear».

Anna Lena has the great ability to get up early in the morning, and is in addition super effective when working as a 3D artist. Her interpretations of even vague sketches into finished models are amazing. Fearless and relentless, she let’s people know when something’s not right. Twitter: @AnnaBananaLena

Øyvind is the most recent addition to the team. When faced with a difficult task he always does his best without complaining. Modest and good natured, he and Nuno make an excellent programming duo. Twitter: @OyvindRasmussen

Ørjan is the cool 2D artist. When he’s not working on his art, he plays in a band. He always leaves the others in the team in awe with his understanding of composition and colour. And his special brand of humour always lifts the mood.

Karianne is the rare mix between a number crunching mathematician and 3D artist. Her incredible patience and attention to detail sets her apart from most others. Selfless and caring, she also has the biggest heart of everyone. Twitter: @KarianneMa




Shadow Puppeteer available on Steam

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