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Summer holiday + Epocu


Hi, We’re preparing for our summer holidays! With so little light and warmth the rest of the year up here in the cold north, we need to do what we can to catch our breaths and some sunlight before we can face the dark fall season.
Two days ago we launched a campaign for Shadow Puppeteer on Epocu. Epocu is like Kickstarter, but it generates hype and attention in stead of money. So we’re trying to get 300 people within 60 days!

If you would like to drop by the page and pledge to a single, automated Tweet or a Facebook post that would be fantastic!


Epocu is quite new so there aren’t too many games yet. But there are some very cool titles, like «Shiftlings» , «Blackhole» and «Prisoned».


We wish you all a great summer, and will see you when we get back!

summer_SSummer in Hamar, Norway. It’s nice when it’s sunny.


Shadow Puppeteer available on Steam

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