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Top 10 tips for Geeky Valentine’s Day Dates

With Valentine’s Day approaching we thought we would write a slightly different blog post. This week we’re sharing our “Top 10 tips for Geeky Valentine’s day Dates”.


10. Have breakfast in bed. Why not some 8-bit toast or Death Star waffles? Top it off with a mana potion or two and you’ll be ready for the day.

geeky, valentine, breakfast, super mario, star wars, toast, waffles

Breakfast so cool it might even make you a morning person.

9. Show you belong. Get matching geeky jewelry. Stay classy with subtle expressions of your fandom, or go all out with some serious bling.

geeky, valentine, jewelry, star wars, final fantasy

What’s your style: subtle or flashy?

8. 8 bit home makeover. Decorate the windows of your apartment or a wall with post-it pixel art. Recreate your favourite motifs, or create pixel art versions of yourselves.

geeky, valentine, post-it, pixel art

The dangers of post-it pixel art is that you’ll run out of wall space.

7. Say it with a level. Create a level for each other in your favourite editor, like Minecraft, Little Big Planet or Super Mario Maker to show your love. If you’re into making games from scratch do a v-day game jam, and create either a game together or one each.

geeky, valentine, minecraft, littel big planet, romantic, level

You can even use your favourite level editor to propose.

6. Virtual valentine. Go on a date inside your favourite MMO. Reminisce about your favourite moments in the game as you see the sights. Consider partaking in Valentine’s quests or getting love tokens for one another. Perfect for long-distance gaming romance!

geeky, valentine, wow, mmorpg, world of warcraft, rpg date, video game date

Romance is big in World of Warcraft.

5. Romantic customization. Design your own unique console skin. An image of a fond memory with the two of you, your pet, a favourite character or a location from a game world. To be proudly displayed and be a constant reminders of what you share.

You can upload your own console skin designs on DecalGirl

geeky, valentine, decal, skin, console, customize

While you’re customizing your console, why not get matching controller skins as well?

4. Adventure & explore. Whether you want to get lost in the world of Disney, Hogwarts or some other wondrous place, spend a day there and experience it together. Alternatively, see if there are any cool museums in your area, like a science or video game museum for you to immerse yourselves in.

geeky, valentine, theme park, disney world, harry potter, universal studios, london science museum, computer game museum, berlin

Where would you like to spend Valentine’s?

3. Hit the arcade. Show each other your favourite games from when you were younger, and discover some new ones together.

geeky, valentine, arcade, date

Keep track of the scores as you play: Maybe the winner should pay for dinner when you’re done?

2. Themed date night. Choose a theme, like a favourite movie or a game and make a romantic evening themed around it. Let the theme be reflected in the food you make, snacks, decorations and the music you put on. Dressing up is encouraged.

There are many great guides out there on how to make geeky food or decorations. Here are a few:

geeky, valentine, zelda, loz, romantic date, themed date

Examples for a Legend of Zelda themed date with food, decorations and music.

1. Co-op companions. Get comfy in your couch and boot up a co-op game for you to beat together. We recommend Ibb&Obb, Portal 2 or our very own Shadow Puppeteer, which is 10% off for our Valentine’s sale.

geeky, valentine, co-op, video games, cooperative, ibb&obb, portal 2, shadow puppeteer

What games do you like to play together?

That’s our list of Valentine’s date ideas for geeky couples. Do you have any ideas to add, then let us know in the comments. We hope you all have a wonderful v-day day filled with love and joy.

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