what to do on thanksgiving

What to do on Thanksgiving?

It’s that time of the year again. Going home to see your family. Or, if you’re the host, getting ready to have a lot more people around than usual! Thanksgiving is the time when we celebrate the things we’re grateful for, and thank those who make our lives infinitely better. But maybe we’re at a loss, asking ourselves what to do on Thanksgiving.
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shadow puppeteer halloween sale

Halloween Sale 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re dressing up in our spookiest costumes, and putting Shadow Puppeteer on sale at 50% off! Below are the stores where the sale applies. Stay tuned as this list will be updated!


ng16 tagalong trap shadow puppeteer marianne lerdahl

How to turn your development blog post into an engaging talk

Marianne travelled to the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö last month to give a talk. The talk, “Avoiding the Tagalong Trap” was going to be based on the blog posts previously written by her and Catharina. In this article Marianne will share her experience and insight while working on turning a written piece into a 20 minute presentation.

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jory prum, splash, shadow puppeteer

In loving memory of Jory Prum

About a month ago we wrote that our beloved sound guy, Jory Prum had been hurt in a terrible motorcycle accident.

After a month in the hospital, Jory sadly passed away on Saturday.  In addition to having worked on Shadow Puppeteer he was a great friend to many of our team members, and our grief is hard to bear as we struggle to understand what has happened.

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Shadow Puppeteer to be featured in NG16 talk

The organizers of the annual Nordic Game Conference announced their speakers for NG16 yesterday. Among the speakers are several of our good friends, like Jo-Remi Madsen and Ste Curran, but also our very own Marianne Lerdahl. She will be giving a talk based on our blog posts about “Avoiding the Tagalong trap”, – about how we worked when developing Shadow Puppeteer to ensure a strong co-op experience.

NG16, nordic game, speakers, marianne lerdahlThe Nordic Game Conference is one of our favourite annual events, and we look forward to coming back. If you wish to reach out to Marianne while she’s attending the conference please send her a Tweet (@Vaffeldamen). Alternatively, to se up a meeting please contact emmy[at]snowcannongames.com.

Hope to see you at NG16 May 18th – 20th, and we wish you welcome to attend Marianne’s talk.

You can find the complete list of speakers on the Nordic Game website.