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Shadow Puppeteer shadow cat animation

Animating the Shadow Cat

Today’s post is by Marianne and Philip and will be about 2D animations in Shadow Puppeteer. Animation is essential in Shadow Puppeteer. Part of the reason why Philip was brought onto the team in the first place was because of his 2D animation skills.

When we talk about 2D in Shadow Puppeteer we’re almost always talking about the shadows. While real shadows have shapes similar to their objects, we wanted to create weird- looking and unnatural shadows in our world. Since the shadows have come alive we wanted the world to feel unfamiliar and strange.

This is perhaps most evident in the shadow monsters, like the cat.

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Morning stretch routine banner

Morning Stretch Routine

Today is about health. Because in order to work you need to function. At least, that has been our experience. So, to get a fresh start every day and feel ready to start working, we end our morning meetings with a stretch session.

We started with a few simple exercises. Since then we have added and removed some of them, and change the program slightly to fit how we’re feeling that day.

Below we’ve made an instructional poster detailing the most common exercises we do, in case any of you want to try it as well. We highly recommend it! Of course it’s important to take into account your current physical situation. If any exercises are painful or feel wrong you shouldn’t do them.

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Shadow Puppeteer at Spillexpo, Level Up

SpillExpo 2013

This week we want to do a recap of SpillExpo.

Last weekend we traveled the 1,5 hours it takes to Lillestrøm to attend SpillExpo. We were to be part of the magnificent Stand Indie along other developers like: D-pad studio, Rain, Henchman & Goon, Megapop Games, Krillbite, KrisJet Game Design, Team DOS, Tinimations, SnowCastle Games, Moondrop, Blink Studios and Rock Pocket Games.

At this point we have to give a big thanks to Jo-Remi at D-pad for getting this thing together!

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Shadow cat monster

Designing Shadow Monsters

Today’s topic is about the few but iconic adversaries you’ll encounter in the game, besider the Puppeteer himself.

When we first came up with the concept for Shadow Puppeteer, and the play with light and live shadows we decided that we wanted antagonists that were shadow monsters. We wanted these to be warped creatures based off of real animals that you had to trick rather than fight.

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