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Shadow Puppeteer old menu sketch

Shadow Puppeteer origin; Then and now

As talked about in earlier blogposts about “the character design of the Boy” and the
History” of the game development, Shadow Puppeteer was a concept created for the
international competition “Dare to be Digital”.

We will now tell you about how it all started, what the early design ideas were and
we will even tell you a bit about our successes and failures.

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Fishing Town Banner Artwork Concept

Concept Development: The Art of the Fishing Town

Today’s post is by Marianne. If you haven’t already read «Concept Development: The Art of the Island Village», we suggest you do so. It describes the initial design process that formed the base for all of the worlds.

After establishng the look for the Island Village, Philip and I moved on to the Fishing Town. Also working with us was concept artist Ørjan. We discussed how the people of the Fishing Town would differ from the Island villagers, while finding images for inspiration.

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