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Steam greenlight

Shadow Puppeteer launching Greenlight

Today’s blogpost comes to you directly from New Jersey. We are getting ready to leave for San Francisco where we will attend the amazing Game Developers Conference.


As we have already mentioned, we will be showcasing Shadow Puppeteer both at GDC Play and the Nordic Pavilion, and we have a big announcement! On March 18th we’re launching Shadow Puppeteer on Steam Greenlight. So with your support and the blessing of the Steam community we will be able to release our game through Steam for PC!

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Jory Prum Ragnhild Haugland Peter McConnell

Special reveal: Audio Team announcement and exclusive interview

Today’s blogpost is a special post. Until now we have not shared much information about our extended team; the masters of audio in our game universe.

From before, you know our lead composer Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland. But today we’re also proud to announce our collaboration with Peter McConnell (Grim Fandango, Broken Age) and Jory K. Prum (The Walking Dead, Escape from Monkey Island).

While announcing this, we feel it only fitting to share with you their thoughts on their work in this special extended interview.

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