For Jory

It has been a very different week at the Hamar Game Collective office and for us in the Shadow Puppeteer Team. Last weekend news reached us that our brilliant and cherished sound guy, Jory Prum, had been in a terrible motorcycle accident.

Jory has been in the game development industry for ages, working on memorable projects like Telltale’s “The Walk Dead”, Double Fine’s “Broken Age” and most recently saving the original audio recordings for “Day of the Tentacle: Remastered”. Over the last couple of years he has become an integral part of the Norwegian game development community.

We can’t imagine what Jory’s family is going through now, and our hearts go out to them. We are incredibly grateful for the updates that his mother, Leslye, posts. Jory’s condition is slowly improving and the signs make us optimistic for his complete recovery.
A GoFundMe campaign has been created to fund Jory’s recovery. Please check it out if you would like to help and contribute.

We hope you will get well soon, Jory! All our hearts and warm wishes are with you and your family in this time.

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