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Lilla Torg Malmø Malmö

Nordic Game Conference 2014

Hi everyone,
Today’s post is by Marianne, who attended the Nordic Game Conference last week.

Many people who know geography are aware that Norway is part of the Nordic region. They often also know that Sweden is too. So when a conference is titled Nordic Game Conference it seems only natural for Norwegians to go to Sweden to attend it. More precisely, to the city of Malmö (variations of the name included Malmø, Malmo and Malmoe).

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Favourite game: Okami screenshot bossfight

Favourite game: Okami

This week we continue our series of posts where each member of the team write about one of their favourite games. Today’s post is by Nuno.

It’s not easy for me to choose my favorite game because honestly I don’t have an all time favorite one. I have many games that are in my list of the best I have ever played, so I will pick one from it. And amongst the more obvious choices I decided to go for not so known one, Okami, a wonderful game made by one of my favorite software houses, Clover Studio that later went to become Platinum Games.

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