Shadow puppeteer ligh mechanic for gravity change in game

Gameplay elements: Light types

Today we’re going to tell you a bit about the lights in Shadow Puppeteer. One of the central gameplay elements in the game that sets it apart from other titles is the variation in light types.

How the logic of the Shadow works, is that he is always drawn to light. He has at all times one primary light source which has a gravitational pull on him. If he falls into the light he dies, but as long as he has shadows to walk on he’s fine.

We wanted to use this to create a unique form of play with «source change». Source change is when the shadow’s gravitational pull moves from one light source to another.

Illustration of "source change"; The shadow jumps from one light and into another.

(Illustration of “source change”; The Shadow jumps from one light and into another.)

In our lives we encounter many, MANY light sources throughout a day. Now, in the game there are three kinds of light: Directional light, point light and spot light. And these affect the Shadow differently.

Directional light is a vast lightsource that casts light in one direction. To us this is the sun or the moon. Directional light enables the Shadow to be cast like a 2D character in a classic platforming game.

Directional light: The shadow moves along the surface like a classic 2D game.

(Directional light: The shadow moves along the surface like a classic 2D game.)

Point light has one point of origin and shines in all directions. In the point light the Shadow moves around and around, easily moving from walking on the floor to the wall.

Examples of point lights.

(Examples of point lights.)

A spot light is a small, strong light which is cast on a wall. Where the point light shines in all directions, the spot light is contained and focused.

Example of spot light.

(Example of spot light.)

The ability to change between lights is what really separates the Shadow from the Boy. He is vulnerable because he needs to be careful and move on the shadows, but the light sources enable him to move where the Boy can’t.


Shadow Puppeteer available on Steam

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