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Shadow Puppeteer at Game Developers Conference 2015

GDC & Game Connection – P1

Marianne and Klas went to San Francisco last week to attend GDC and Game Connection.
This week and next we will write all about their trip.

Read about our trip to San Francisco to attend the Game Developers conference. There
were cool developers, great fans and quite a lot of excitement as Shadow Puppeteer
won a Game Connection award for “Most Promising IP”!

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Lilla Torg Malmø Malmö

Nordic Game Conference 2014

Hi everyone,
Today’s post is by Marianne, who attended the Nordic Game Conference last week.

Many people who know geography are aware that Norway is part of the Nordic region. They often also know that Sweden is too. So when a conference is titled Nordic Game Conference it seems only natural for Norwegians to go to Sweden to attend it. More precisely, to the city of Malmö (variations of the name included Malmø, Malmo and Malmoe).

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Code in Shadow Puppeteer, C#

Programming for Shadow Puppeteer

Today’s post is by our Programmers, Nuno and Øyvind, and is a short introduction to how they work when coding Shadow Puppeteer.

Hey. This is the programmers speaking. We’ve taken over the blog for today, and we are going to enrich your lives with the joys of programming.

Just to catch you up to speed for those who don’t know, Shadow Puppeteer is being developed in the Unity 3D engine, where we are using C# as the main programming language (out of the three supported ones).

So, some of you might be asking, what does the programmer actually do?

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