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Today, we thought we’d share the story behind the concept and the start of development for Shadow Puppeteer.

Back in the days most of us working at Sarepta went to the Hedmark University College where we studied various diciplines within or related to game development. A group of students got together to participate in the «Dare to be Digital» 2010 competition with a concept about light and shadow, called «Shadow Puppeteer».


The concept featured a boy and his shadow, and took place in a Victorian London- type world. The Shadow Puppeteer concept was presented to the jury and even though it was praised for its originality it was turned down because it was deemed too ambitious to ever be completed within the 12 week time frame.

Three years later we heartily agree.

But some of the students wanted to keep developing the concept outside of the competition, and joined others to form Sarepta studio. We became a company in the incubator for Hedmark Kunnskapspark (who have also housed Moondrop and Krillbite). The vision behind Sarepta was to in part fund our game development through consulting work. So, while some were working on the game and applying for development funds, the rest made visualisations, promo videos and more.

Progress was slow, but we were determined. Our big break came when we received a development grant from the Nordic Game Program. From there we also got financial help from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Film Insitute. But at times it has been rough, and we have on occation been forced to put production on hold while getting together new funds to continue. That’s part of why we’ve been spending almost three years now.

But it’s been incredible! To be able to work on developing a game full-time is amazing, and we feel so lucky and blessed. And we are very grateful to all who have helped and encouraged us so far.

Thank you.



Shadow Puppeteer available on Steam

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