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Fishing Town Banner Artwork Concept

Concept Development: The Art of the Fishing Town

Today’s post is by Marianne. If you haven’t already read «Concept Development: The Art of the Island Village», we suggest you do so. It describes the initial design process that formed the base for all of the worlds.

After establishng the look for the Island Village, Philip and I moved on to the Fishing Town. Also working with us was concept artist Ørjan. We discussed how the people of the Fishing Town would differ from the Island villagers, while finding images for inspiration.

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Shadow Puppeteer checkpoint kite soaring high in the sky

Game Design: Adding Checkpoints

Today’s blogpost is by Stian. And the result is what happens when you ask a designer to write a blogpost.

Ooh. Great… When the conversation topic at the morning meeting is the Blog, and you mention, as a joke mind you, that it could be about checkpoints for some reason: Keep quiet. That is my advice to you, unless you happen to want to write a blog post about checkpoints.

Which strangely enough I do. No regrets! Here we go:

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Code in Shadow Puppeteer, C#

Programming for Shadow Puppeteer

Today’s post is by our Programmers, Nuno and Øyvind, and is a short introduction to how they work when coding Shadow Puppeteer.

Hey. This is the programmers speaking. We’ve taken over the blog for today, and we are going to enrich your lives with the joys of programming.

Just to catch you up to speed for those who don’t know, Shadow Puppeteer is being developed in the Unity 3D engine, where we are using C# as the main programming language (out of the three supported ones).

So, some of you might be asking, what does the programmer actually do?

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Testing a game, header with controllers


Testing is an essential part of developing a game. Today we’re taking you through the part of our game development that is directly related to testing.

Testing is always an exciting part of development. For the new developers it means that you have to overcome your fears and show off what you have made. You have to understand that there is a difference between people criticising your game, and criticising you.

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