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Shadow Puppeteer controlls illustration

January Update

Hello everyone!
We hit the ground running in 2015, and so far it’s been a good year with Spillprisen
(Norwegian game developers awards), Global game jam, Catharina attending the hilarious
radio show about games and developers “One Life Left”, and further updates on the game.

Continuing our work with improving Shadow Puppeteer as we move towards bringing it to other platforms, we’ve started overhauling the controls. The controls have been one of the central points of frustration for many players, so now we want input about what YOU think and what we can do better.

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Shadow Puppeteer blog header

Developing a cutscene: From start to finish

We convey important parts of the story in our game through cutscenes; small videos without gameplay. Today we want to share with you the creative process and steps in the production of these cutscenes.

In an earlier post about Pre-rendered Cut-scenes; A Blessing and a Curse, Klas detailed his workflow when setting up a scene, animating and rendering/compositing a scene. Today’s post will focus on the cutscene development as a whole; who does what, when and how.

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Shadow Puppeteer Boy versus Conan

Gameplay elements: «Darlings» that have come and gone – Part 2


This week we continue last week’s post about elements in Shadow Puppeteer that have
been added or removed throughout production.

The game has not always been as it is now. Many gameplay elements have been tried and
tested, some found too light and others kept and refined.

We want to share with you the gameplay elements and levels that we explored and
scrapped, and those that came in late and were kept. We find it fun to look back on our
choices, and we hope this trip down memory lane will be interesting and educational.

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